Live To Defy

The Brand for the Defiant Ones

Doesn't matter your race, gender, faith, or disability if you are one who likes to be better than what society limits you to. This brand is for You. Proud to create this because I know myself that society limits your creativity to something so minscule. I want to bring out the creativity out of everyone, talent, love etc out of everyone because we need better things for the future




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The idealogy behind this brand is that I wanted to create something that can mean something to people. To motivate them to become greater than everyone else says they can be. Live To Defy means to with all cost break down every barrier in life. Everyone who wears my brand I want them to know be defiant don't limit yourself, don't put yourself in a box. They're a lot of talent and creative people who has the creativeness to change the world, but there are many times society tries to limit what you can do. That's why I created my brand, I wanted people my age older or younger, you can BE GREATER don't listen to what the nay sayers say. The only one who can defy you is YOU.